Envirolyte Egypt

Anolyte / Catholyte

Environmentally responsible cleaning and sanitising solutions for domestic and industry use

Strong, fast-acting disinfectant kills all known bacteria & viruses on contact.

Anolyte. A benign broad spectrum sanitiser gentle on equipment and people. Non-toxic, fully biodegradeable, environmentally friendly, yet lethal on contact to all known pathogens.

Neutral Anolyte is a colourless transparent biocidical liquid with a slight chlorine smell. It consists predominantly of Hypochlorous acid (HClO) and Hypochlorite ion (OCl-) which give it superior sporicidal and biocidal activity.
Replace toxic chemicals and sanitise ecologically.
NZFSA approved for food contact.

Non-toxic, Eco friendly. Safe to use.

NZFSA Approved: Dairy Maintenance Compound, for use in farm dairies.

NZFSA Approved: C23, C43, C51, C61, C104, (all animal product except dairy)

Neutral Anolyte is used wherever pH is important (corrosion) and where possible evaporation of active chlorine cannot be avoided.

Neutral Anolyte is very effective against bacteria and viruses and is mostly used to disinfect swimming pools, treat drinking water or other water sources.
Neutral Anolyte is also widely used to disinfect / sterilise objects (floors, walls, bench and sinks, equipment, tools, foodstuffs, etc.)

Regimeactive chlorine mg/lpHORP mV(redo-potential)
Neutral Anolyte~500-700~7.5-8.5~700-900

Active substancesCAS-NoEINICS-NoWt/vol %Symbols
Sodium Chloride7647-14-5231-598-30.26%NaCl
Hypochlorous acid + Hypochlorite ion90-92-3 + 7681-52-9231-959-5 + 231-668-30.05%HClO + OCl

Active substances conform EC 98/8 and 03/2032 concerning the placing of biocidal liquids on the market.

Non foaming detergent - an effective solution for all-purpose cleaning, removing biofilm, proteins and fats

Alkaline Catholyte has a pH between 11 and 13 and can be used for flocculation (e.g. of heavy metals), coagulation, washing, extraction.

Furthermore this solution can be used to wash wounds (instead of using iodine) and wherever there is a need to increase pH level of the water to be treated.

Non-toxic, Eco friendly, Safe to use.

NZFSA Approved: Dairy Maintenance Compound, for use in farm dairies.

NZFSA Approved: C23, C38, C63 (all animal product except dairy)

Catholyte is an effective detergent for all - purpose cold cleaning removing biofilm, proteins and fats. Ideal for surface cleaning walls, floors, appliances and equipment. Added surfactant enhances the grease - cutting power for vehicles, tools and equipment.

Regimeactive chlorine mg/lpHORP mV(redo-potential)

It has been proved by the tests conducted by the National Industrial Fuel Efficiency Service Ltd. (NIFES) on behalf of the Scottish Borders Enterprise that anolyte and catholyte produced by Envirolyte unit have properties consistent with those claimed by the Envirolyte Industries International Ltd.

Install Envirolyte technology on your site to achieve safe, cost effective, cleaning and sanitising compliance - without using toxic chemicals.