Envirolyte Egypt

The use of neutral anolyte in the cattle sector

Calves, dairy cows and beef cattle

The neutral anolyte has a variety of applications for cattle. It disinfects the material helps in infections (udder, claws, etc..).

Dairy cows

Frequent infections:

Mastitis: antibiotic, loss of time, loss of milk

prevention: treatment of mastitis:

Hoof care: Hufbad or hoof bath before or after milking

Inflammation: neutral anolyte also allows the treatment of certain inflammations of the joints


Digestive problems: neutral anolyte add in the milk and the problem is resolved.

Problems with the respiratory tract: with nebulization 5μ to entry to ensure in the bronchi. The application is also possible with an aerosol mask.


Washing of milking equipment: cleaning of drains and destruction of the biofilm

Disinfection: Elimination of germs and E. coli with a neutral anolyte.

washing and disinfecting of the milk tank: protocol simplified, safer and more economical.

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