Envirolyte Egypt

The use of neutral anolyte in pig farms

Sows, piglets and fattening pigs

Envirolyte devices produce neutral anolyte, which is a safe and ecological product. The use of neutral anolyte provides the pig farms an absolutely perfect hygiene status.
Neutral anolyte is non-toxic, non-irritating, non-sensitizing, no side effect and leaves no residue.


Positive results without weaknesses achieve farmers with the use of anolyte. The mortality and the consumption of drugs will be reduced by at least 50%. Lung and intestinal infections are caused by use of anolyte a rarity!
long-term customers report a strong resilience of your collection and a saving in feed at a higher weight gain of the animals.


  • Dosage in drinking water (%, depending on the chemical and bacteriological quality of the water)
  • Addition of pure anolyte in soup bowls
  • disinfection of stables
  • -50% Mortality
  • -50% drug
In gestation and farrowing
  • Addition of pure or diluted with water anolyte in sows and piglets
  • Spray the sows and the teat with pure anolyte
  • Less mastitis
  • Better flow of milk
After weaning
  • Addition of pure anolyte
  • Better feed consumption
  • Less airway diseases
  • Less skin and digestive problems
  • Resolution of enterotoxins
  • Top-indices
  • Top GMQ
  • higher vitality
  • Better Health
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