Envirolyte Egypt

Water treatment

System for disinfecting water by Envirolyte

Important conclusions from the report of the IHF (Institute for Hygiene and Environment in Germany)

The areas of Envirolyte devices

Drinking water for cities and rural areas in water treatment in industry: eg brewing and beverage industry disinfectants in dairies and in the food industry, water treatment in swimming pools, water treatment for green space irrigation on golf courses, water treatment on boats and in airplanes, drinking water treatment in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, institutions, etc..
Other applications can be found in animal husbandry, agricultural crops, agricultural and food industry, in the preservation of feed for animals, ...

Typical installation scheme

How it works?

Microbiological values of water (TMC)Dilution ratio of water in the anolyteConcentration of active chlorine in the anolyte (mg / l)Concentration of active chlorine in the treated water (mg / l)
Down (up to 10)1/20003000.15
Average (10-50)1/10003000.3
High (50-500)1/10005000.5
Very high (500-5000)1/5005001.0

As the disinfectant is generated?

The properties of neutral anolyte are as follows:

The advantages of the treated water by neutral anolyte

We Guarantee

Due to the disinfection with a neutral anolyte is TMC = 0
Treatment with a neutral anolyte does not change the important characteristic values and properties of the water.

Due to the very low concentrations of active chlorine (Table 2), no toxicity is produced, or any other form of toxic substances.

Water treatmentConcentration of active chlorine (in treated water)
Drinking water1-4 mg / L0.25 to 0.5 mg / l
Groundwater35 - 55 mg / l5 - 10 mg / l