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Several Industries use Electro Chemical Activation (ECA)

Many different Industries can benefit from using Envirolyte Egypt Electro Chemical Activation (ECA) units. Several different industries that make use of our ECA are listed below:

ECA and the Beverage Industry

The beverage market is a very rich industry and it is crucial that manufacturers produce product of continuously consistent quality, with limited returns for a sustained enhancement of brand image and equity.

Most food and beverage processing environments rely on water as fundamental ingredient and thus water quality needs to be of the highest possible standard. Under typical conditions, process or ingredient water is often treated repeatedly by filtration before being utilised. While this procedure is relatively effective, other possible sources of microbial contamination do exist, and if left unchecked, will inevitably result in product contamination and spoilage.

Through the use of Envirolyte Egypt ECA solutions in CIP applications in beverage plants, the results have shown:

ECA and the Food Industry

Meat Industry

Quality consciousness and compliance with the fundamentals of good manufacturing practice is a base-line necessity to assure optimal product quality and maximum shelf life of perishable products.

Research has confirmed that food-borne outbreaks of Listeria can be traced to recontamination of the meat products during peeling, slicing, repackaging or similar procedures. ECA solutions have been shown to be repeatedly effective in reducing microbial counts by a minimum of 99%. Further studies confirm that the remaining microbiocial activity of ECA after application will also control general microbial build-up and limit the cross contamination of further products.

ECA treated meat products stay fresher for longer and reduce the incidence of food-borne diseases which remain a substantial concern for the health conscious consumer.

In addition, the application of the ECA solutions in the meat processing environment will result in:

Seafood Industry

Shelf-life limits and spoilage of seafood is an ongoing dilemma for processors.

In the factory environment sea water is often used as a vehicle for transporting fresh fish from one processing point to the next. Throughout processing, the sea water becomes progressively soiled and micro-organisms will flourish under such conditions thus pre-empting spoilage.

ECA solutions eliminate and control all pathogenic organisms, including Staphylococcus Aureus and E. coli (0157). ECA specifically reduces the overall microbial bio-load of spoilage organisms, thereby substantially reducing the risk of cross contamination.

ECA solutions effectively decontaminate the process sea water which results in a longer shelf life of the processed fish products. ECA can additionally be added into flaking and packing ice to improve the shelf life of fresh seafood for export

ECA benefits in Seafood

Starch Processing Industry

Starch manufacturing is a complicated infrastructure and chemical intensive process. High quality products require a balance of low levels of microbial contamination and the minimum level of chemical residues used in the manipulation of the starch compounds.

In order to produce starch of the highest pharmaceutical-grade quality, manufacturers need to ensure that no element of the manufacturing process is flawed or at risk of contamination. Without appropriate decontamination procedures in place, starch manufacturers run the risk of producing contaminated starch of a lower commercial grade and hence restricted price premium.

ECA benefits to the Starch Processor

Sauces Manufacturer Industry

In a sauce plant, water quality is of the utmost importance as it is one of the primary ingredients in the manufacturing process. Typically municipal water is often not re-treated in such processes and may potentially create a microbial spoilage problem when using unqualified water.

Furthermore the manufacturer needs to take into account other possible areas of microbial contamination commonly found in any water dependent environment, as micro-organisms and bio film are ubiquitous in moist or damp environments.

ECA benefits to the Sauce manufacturer